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Medical Transport


Health insurance patient transport. We are happy to provide transport service for your therapy once approved by your health insurance company.
Simply present your doctor‘s transport ticket to your insurance company for authorisation. We will do the rest.

Care and support

The ladies and gentlemen of Taxi Entleitner take care of you from home to your doctor or hospital appointment and back.  There is usually no charge for family or friends accompanying you.

Which taxi company can you hire for your transport?

You can hire the taxi company of your choice. You do not have to use your nearest transport company, and you can always choose Taxi Entleitner without incurring additional costs.

Where can you go by taxi?

To the nearest hospital, ambulance, medical specialists, therapy centres, health resorts, etc. or institutions with special facilities for your treatment.


Please enquire about your medical transport needs on 0043 664 500 13 13.

We also offer competitive carpooling.

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